Best AR-15 Grips

Whether you’re building or customizing your AR-15, picking the right pistol grip should always be one of your first decisions.

Whilst there are other components to your firearm that are undeniably more crucial, finding the right grip is a starting point. After all, the last place you want to find a distraction is in the palm of your hand.

With there being so many options and manufacturers on the market, sometimes this search can seem to be an overwhelming process. However, to make sure you buy the most suitable grip for your needs, there are a few areas where you should concentrate your attention.

We’ve gone ahead and researched the best AR-15 grips for you. Below, you’ll find a buyer’s guide that will highlight the key features that you need to be prioritizing in your search.

Before that, however, we’ve compiled a list of our top five picks, along with a breakdown of why they’re worth considering. There’s also a FAQ section at the end to clear up the last few things you’ll need to know before buying.

Your own experience and requirements with your firearm mean that you may find yourself attracted to any of the items we’ve collected here. However, stick to our research and guide to ensure you shoot straight with your purchase!

In a hurry?

You might find yourself wanting to install the best pistol grip as quickly as possible, or maybe you’d rather spend a greater amount of time in the search for other pieces of rifle hardware.

If that’s the case, practice your grip on the edge of your seat and take a look at our top option, the Luth-AR Chubby Grip, right now!

  • Made from polymer and with an Impact Modified Nylon texture, both lightweight and durable
  • Full rounded grip with a full palm swell for complete hold satisfaction
  • Raised trigger finger surface for control, and a left side thumb rest for comfort
  • Palm shelf to lock in your grip
  • Flat bottom design for easy bracing or balance
  • Perfect for precision shooting
  • Easy one-screw installation system


A pistol grip designed with shooter ergonomics at the forefront, the Luth-AR Chubby Grip is a compact and stable option that seeks to give the user the utmost precision with every shot.

The Chubby Grip comes with a palm shelf that will help you lock in the grip, and though there is a rounded finger groove it isn’t aggressive enough to force your hand’s position.

Instead, a raised trigger finger surface will lock your finger into the correct position, and combined with the left side thumb rest your hand is ensured to be kept in a natural and comfortable position.

Your accuracy will be further improved by the grip’s flat bottom design, which allows for problem-free balance on a bench or even whilst prone.

Its flared nature also prevents your hand from moving around the grip too much. A full palm swell further stresses this grip’s suitability for precision shooting.

Made of Polymer and with an Impact Modified Nylon texture, your rifle will be kept as light as you’d expect from your pistol grip without any fear of sacrificing durability.

There isn’t a storage compartment in the grip, which is unfortunate due to its fuller size. However, for owners looking for every weight advantage possible, that won’t be an issue.

This lightness also informs the Chubby Grip’s easy installation, a simple one-screw system.

The Chubby Grip is a widely-appealing pistol grip that takes into consideration a wide range of hand types, combining the best parts of the features that grip buyers will come to expect.

It proves not just a practical but a simple option, suitable for seasoned and inexperienced firearm users alike.


  • Full rounded grip for the utmost hold
  • Better trigger control with raised trigger finger surface
  • Flat bottom design for easy bracing
  • Palm shelf to lock in an accurate grip
  • Prioritizes precision shooting
  • Easy to install 


  • Available in right-handed orientation only
  • No inner storage space


MIAD is short for “Mission Adaptable”, which should immediately give you some indication why this grip is an impressive option.

This extremely-customizable choice comes with three back straps in three different sizes, allowing them to be switched out for any hand size.

As for the two interchangeable front straps, they allow you to choose between having a finger shelf and not.

That level of personalization isn’t just limited to your grip configuration, as Magpul offers this product in four different colors.

Unlike most storage compartments, which are simple hollows with a fastening clip, the MIAD allows for one of Magpul’s specially designed grip cores. Included with this purchase is a core with a 1/2 ounce lubrication bottle, but you can also find others specifically for things like extra bullets, batteries, and much more.

With a standard grip angle and easy installation, this is a pistol grip that will fit into a wide range of AR-15s.

The finger grooves on the front of the grip are discreet and won’t bother larger fingers, and it has a crackled texture to stop it from slipping down your hand.

In its own way, the MIAD is like owning a number of different pistol grips in one single purchase. The various options it offers can be switched between in a matter of minutes.

Whether you want to fine-tune your grip as much as possible or have one ready to go at all times, you’re sure to find a configuration to suit your needs.


  • Wide range of options for grip configurations
  • Magpul name ensures durability
  • Great stability
  • Interchangeable between a large number of AR-15s


  • Better suited for smaller or average hand sizes
  • May not fit all AR-15 lower receivers


Some of Bravo Company’s earlier pistol grips featured a number of common issues, largely based around grip angle.

The Mod 3 grip offers a reduced angle hold, allowing for more natural placement of your fingers whilst reducing the bend of your wrist. Both of these will result in a more natural point of aim.

Running down the sides of this grip, there’s a rounded design which culminates in a palm swell to offer better hand support.

There are also interchangeable trigger guard inserts, which can reduce the gap between the grip and guard to offer better relief for your exposed middle finger when shooting.

There’s both a grip texture and a horizontal grooving to ensure that your grip will remain tight in your hand, even in wet conditions or in sweaty hands.

Bravo Company has put a further emphasis on water resistance with a tight-sealing storage compartment.

This is a pistol grip that is designed almost exclusively to enhance user comfort. For anyone with a more casual set of grip requirements, choosing one which will least distract from their shooting is ideal.

Best of all, this grip comes in as the cheapest on our list and does so without sacrificing durability, further establishing its appeal to the more casual buyer.


  • Reduced grip angle for natural aiming and hold
  • Rounded design and subtle palm swell for comfort
  • Great price point


  • Some additional fitting issues reported during installation
  • Possibly too slim for larger hands


A very popular reduced grip angle option, the Magpul MOE-K2 combines its angle with a prominent beavertail to help familiarize its user with a proper grip.

The thickness of the beavertail forces the hand lower down, bringing it more in line with the trigger. With less bend in your trigger finger, the smoothness and speed of firing are both enhanced.

Magpul products are known for their versatility, and the wide range of rifles that this grip will fit onto only continue that.

The improvements made to your shooting ability also means that this is a great choice for users in any situation.

It’s also only slightly edged out in price by the above Bravo Company Mod 3, making it suitable for all budgets.

The textured finish to the MOE-K2 may not look impressive, but the stability it provides will take you by surprise.

Like the MIAD, there’s also the option to customize the storage compartment with one of the manufacturer’s many storage cores.

One problem with that rather unique beavertail is that it will leave a noticeable gap with some receivers.

Though there’s no real effect on the functionality of either component or your rifle overall, the tail and any resulting gaps could spoil the overall aesthetic of your firearm.

The (admittedly small) chance of discomfort should any part of your hand become pinched in such a gap may also be an issue.

Dependable in most shooting contexts, the MOE-K2 is an affordable pistol grip that offers a great deal of straightforward versatility.


  • Reduced grip for focus on shooting intuition
  • Enables better trigger finger alignment
  • Features Magpul’s impressive textured finish


  • Prominent beavertail can result in a gap from the receiver
  • Overall design may alter firearm aesthetic 


Finger grooves aren’t exactly the most popular choice when it comes to AR-15 grips, but they can prove to be a worthwhile factor for those looking to find their hand placement as quickly as possible.

The Hogue AR-15 Pistol Grip’s finger grooves offer a wide but not overly-deep design that is easy to adapt to.

The grip is completely textured with a rubberized surface, to reduce any slippage or issues arising from wet conditions. It also gives the piece a soft overall finish.

The fiberglass material may be unfamiliar to those used to polymer pieces, but it still offers a high level of durability.

If you prefer getting a high grip on your rifle, you’ll welcome the back edge that Hogue has provided.

There’s no beavertail at the top or excess rounding to it, allowing your hand to rest as high as is desired without causing a bend in your palm. This is further complemented by a good palm swell to leave a satisfying hand fill.

There is no storage space included in this grip, which will be disappointing for those looking to maximize the efficiency of their grip.

However, with the accommodation given for a variety of grip styles and a significance on hand placement, this is a product well suited for newer AR-15 users who may not even have such storage needs.


  • Easy to experiment with grip
  • Emphasis on finger and hand placement
  • Ideal for newer AR-15 users 


  • Texture finish is perhaps too rubbery
  • Steep grip angle may interfere with your preferred positioning 

Best AR-15 Grips Buying Guide

You may think a pistol grip isn’t all that important to your rifle in the grand scheme of things, and you may end up taking it for granted entirely.

But with the steadying accuracy they can add to your firearm, there’s no reason not to take them seriously and to do the same with your search as a buyer.

Here are the main things you should be considering when looking for your ideal AR-15 grip.

Durability and Material

Unlike some other components to your rifle, a pistol grip should be lightweight, although you obviously don’t want to be adding a piece that is likely to break.

Generally speaking, grips are made from materials like fiberglass and Polymer which do offer that lightweight feel whilst remaining sturdy and durable.

The plastic found on the lowest-priced models is going to feel as cheap as it costs, so be sure to avoid cutting corners on price (particularly as pistol grips are generally speaking some of the most reasonably-priced rifle accessories you can buy).

Grip Angle

From a wider functional point of view, this is perhaps the most important factor in your purchase decision.

A standard grip is straight, with the reduced grip being more angled. The choice you make here is down to personal preference and influenced by your shooting stance.

Be aware of the stance you find most comfortable, and then use that in making your decision on grip angle.

Hand Size and Orientation

This one is pretty self-explanatory, as the larger your hand then the larger grip you’ll need. Comfort is once again the main element here.

When it comes to orientation, most grips are ambidextrous but you will encounter some choices specific to right- or left-handed users.

You may either prefer that dedicated design or find yourself unable to buy one that doesn’t match your dexterity.


This is another element of comfort. Some buyers will be on the lookout for a greater-textured finished, to ensure a steady hold.

However, a more aggressive finish may end up causing a bruising or denting of your palms with extended use.

If you’re going to be using your AR-15 in a hotter environment, then keep a lookout for rubberized coatings to combat palm sweat.

Finger Grooves and Palm Shelf

Depending on your level of experience, you might be surprised to discover that finger grooves are not as popular on pistol grips as they once were.

They can maximize your grip and help keep your hand position compact, although among buyers with larger hands and thicker fingers there may be an issue with fitting your fingers inside these grooves.

A palm shelf is a swell in the base of a grip that provides a resting point for your palms. In contrast to finger grooves, these actually prove more useful for those with larger hands. Again, your desire for either of these features will be influenced by personal preference.

Storage Space

The casual eye may not exactly think of a pistol grip as an ideal place for keeping small, loose gear.

However, with most of the models containing a hollow space then it’s a practical way to carry things such as medical supplies or spare batteries for red-eye optics. 

Providing you can fit them inside this small compartment, there’s no limit to what items can be stored inside. Most models will often list that they offer such space, although a quick visual inspection will quickly make it clear whether or not one can be found. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a grip for my AR-15?

AR-15 grips are very popular, but they’re not completely essential.

They are a practical addition to your rifle and can improve your hand steadiness and thus, your accuracy.

All rifles need to be held with two hands for proper use, and a pistol grip is a smart choice for added stability.

What kind of grip do I need for casual AR-15 use?

Although our in-depth guide is designed to help your decision-making in any AR-15 grip purchase, your search need not be so comprehensive if your emphasis is on occasional range shooting.

For any recreational purposes, our information may still come in useful, but perhaps the simple aesthetics or price of a grip will be your key deciding factor.