Best Gun Belt

Gun belts are more than just your bog standard, pants-holding, fashion statement belts. They are designed for practicality, concealment, comfort, and confidence.

Depending on each state’s laws on concealed carry, these belts are great for keeping your firearms or other weapons safe and secure. This goes without saying, but it is vital that you are choosing to carry a loaded firearm for the right reasons.

Your actions will provide a responsibility to yourself and the nearby public, so this decision cannot be taken lightly.

When purchasing a gun belt, consider how often you will be carrying a firearm, if you are responsible and trained enough to carry, if you have the funds for necessary accessories, and if you are prepared for the consequences when in possession of a loaded weapon. 

Remember, these weapons are used for safety, they are not constant attacking devices. We have compiled a list of the 5 best gun belts along with a buyers’ guide and FAQ for any unanswered questions to help you purchase the ideal gun belt.

In a hurry?

Our top pick is the CrossBreed Nylon Cobra Belt. Made of nylon, this belt is as breathable and comfortable as it is practical.

There are two layers of the durable nylon, strong enough to hold concealed carry weapons without wearing out from resistance. It is ideal for concealed carry in everyday use, hiking, exercise, and training. The sizes range from 38 inches to 58 inches. 


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The CrossBreed gun belt is an ideal belt for those looking for comfort and practicality. Made of a strong two-layered 1.5 inch nylon, this belt is durable and can hold concealed carry weapons.

This material is breathable and comfortable to wear, which is potentially more ideal for those in training or at shooting ranges when high intensity exercises and movements are more likely.

It is also a lightweight belt, so there is no likelihood of sagging or damaging the material.

The buckle itself is slim and aligned with the size of the belt, allowing for easy adjustments as well as putting on and taking off. It has a quick release function.

This belt does not have belt loops, so it can also be used in fitness training.

It’s not a fashion statement and doesn’t have the realism of a normal belt as with a leather belt, but this product is ideal for practical concealed carry. 


  • Strong nylon fabric is breathable and moveable
  • Quick release belt
  • Versatile for multiple situations including training 


  • Doesn’t have the same realistic aesthetic as a leather gun belt


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The 5.11 Skyhawk gun belt is made of a double-layer pre-curved nylon fabric, making it breathable as well as moveable.

This nylon belt is incredibly durable with three rows of stitching to prevent wear from resistance - often a huge problem in cheaper belt materials.

It is visibly easy to blend in with an outfit as it is non-metallic, which is ideal for concealed carry, however potentially does not have the same level of realism as a leather belt.

The buckle has a dual-lock design for extra security, so there is no chance of the belt falling apart or unbuckling when carrying weapons.

It is also slim and easy to put on and remove when looping through the belt buckles of pants or jeans.

The sizes range from small to 4XL, and there is a chance for slight adjustments with a hook and loop to alter the fit depending on how you prefer to have your belt. 


  • Sturdy, secure, and durable 
  • Nylon material has three rows of stitching to hold weapons without sagging or breaking
  • Lightweight


  • Reviews state it may take some practice to fit properly and work correctly
  • Cannot adjust while worn


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The Condor Cobra gun belt stands out for its 2 inch wide webbing that is strong enough to hold concealed carry effortlessly.

This strength also allows it to carry additional pouches to hold other accessories, such as other weapons, a water bottle, or magazines..

The structure itself is stiffened, meaning the weight is evenly balanced throughout the belt, and is incredibly durable. The buckle itself is secure and has a quick-release function.

There is an inner anti-slip rubber pad that can be removed, which is beneficial for improving comfort during long periods of wear or intensive exercise.

It can also be used as a belt by itself, or underneath another belt for a two-belt system. This belt can be adjustable by 4 inches.

Due to its appearance and practical functionality, this gun belt would be most ideal for training and at the shooting range rather than everyday carry, as it is not as visually appealing or realistic as a leather gun belt.

This belt was made in the USA.


  • Very durable 
  • Ideal for training and military purposes 
  • Strong and can hold a lot of weapons and accessories


  • Visually obvious that it is a gun belt, so potentially not ideal for concealed carry


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The only leather belt on our list, the Galco SB5 belt is as fashionable as it is practical. This belt is made from 100% premium saddle leather, making it durable and strong to hold weapons and accessories.

It is also double layered for extra strength. This leather material means that the belt is designed to be long lasting, though it may experience slight discoloration after several years of use.

The brass buckle makes the belt easy to put on and remove, whilst remaining shiny and visually stylish. The belt itself works well with visibly and practically matching Galco holsters.

This belt is tan and looks as good as a normal, high quality belt for everyday use, making it ideal for concealed carry.

The leather material may not be as bendable and moveable as nylon, which is why it is not entirely suitable for intense training.

The sizes vary between 32 inches and 46 inches, and the design can come in either tan or black.


  • 100% high quality leather 
  • Stylish and looks like an ordinary belt, so it’s ideal for concealed carry
  • Strong and long lasting


  • Not as appropriate for training as nylon material belts
  • Discoloration may occur after several years of use


The final product on our list is the Propper Carbon Carry Belt. This belt stands out on our list for its material: it is made from conveyor belt material.

This is not common in gun belts, however this type of material offers water resistance, durability, and a long service life.

It is a visually appealing belt, somewhere in the middle between a leather belt and a nylon belt, as it can work on any outfit for concealed carry. 

The color itself is matte black, as well as the steel buckle. There is a no-slip grip factor that prevents holsters and magazine pouches from sliding around the belt, which is ideal for ultimate security.

This is a strong, heavy-duty gun belt that is made in the USA and will not succumb to wear resistance quickly. It is designed for great everyday wear and has an impressive longevity. 


  • Heavy-duty and durable conveyor belt material
  • Water resistant and long service life
  • Ideal for concealed carry 
  • Made in the USA and lifetime warranty 


  • Buckle is made of metal, therefore is not TSA friendly
  • Belt does stick out more prominently, so loose clothing is recommended to cover it

Best Gun Belt Buying Guide

What to look for in a gun belt

The main things to consider when purchasing a gun belt are comfortability, accessibility, how long you plan to use it and why you intend to use it.

As gun belts are most commonly used for concealed carrying, they are required to keep everyone feeling safe, so the quality must be able to match this.

They are designed to look like and act like a normal belt, so they must have the durability and strength to hold a holster and gun, as well as magazines and accessories such as a flashlight. With concealed carrying, it is vital to prioritize your state’s specific laws as most states require a permit for carrying a concealed firearm.

This process can be long and expensive, so don’t jump to any conclusions and purchase a gun belt anyway. You must be familiar and confident with handling firearms and produce a trustworthy application, as it is not as easy as carrying a gun down the street.

Federal law specifically grants these permits and rights to ex-law enforcement officers, however. 

Choosing a carry method is not a one size fits all situation, so it might be worth going to a gun shop to see what they recommend depending on your intended use. They will have the best advice on belts from training purposes to everyday carry.

This also means you have time to consider what type of material you would prefer to have as, although gun belts are generally affordable, it is always worth making the most out of your money.

Material and buckle

The two most popular types of material for gun belts are nylon and leather. As both materials have their pros and cons, this decision relies on individual preference. Whilst both are strong, durable and securing materials for gun belts, there is a slight difference in flexibility.

Generally speaking, nylon is more affordable and flexible for outdoor activities, as the seemingly thinner fabric may be more comfortable for excessive movement. Leather can also be flexible unless it has a sturdy steel core, which is great for heavier firearms.

It is also more stylish, even with the risk of scratches as this creates a more rugged look. A leather belt usually has more of a lifespan, whilst a nylon belt may have to be replaced often. 

Buckles for gun belts can range from the ordinary roller buckle to quick-release buckles. The roller buckles are useful for adjustability and comfort depending on how tight you would like your belt to be (handy if you have just eaten!) and also visually blend in to an average belt appearance.

However, this does mean the process of putting on and taking off the belt is slower. Quick-release buckles often mean the belt does not have holes, so they can stretch to a size. As the name suggests, these buckles function to attach and detach fast.

This could be useful to those who need to abandon their belts quickly, such as law enforcement, first responders, or hunters. However, these can often open by themselves if the user leans over or applies too much pressure - though this can usually be dealt with by the manufacturer. 

The uses and benefits of a gun belt 

Gun belts are there to keep your firearm and any equipment secure and safe. If keeping your weapons on your being is what makes you feel more comfortable and responsible, then a gun belt is ideal, especially for concealed carry.

They are designed specifically to hold heavy items such as a gun in a holster, as an ordinary belt will not be able to carry such items or deal with the intensity of a fast draw. They are also ideal for wearing on a shooting range, as a member of the law enforcement or military.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What does EDC belt mean?

An EDC belt is a shortened version for an everyday carry belt. This means that these belts are used for concealed carrying purposes, and are therefore designed to hold a gun in a holster amongst other equipment and accessories whilst not showing any of them.

They are strong enough to not sag or fold under any weight, and can be used as ordinary belts too. 

How did cowboys wear their gun belts?

A generally stereotyped image of gun belts derives from the romanticised Hollywood version of cowboys, with their exaggerated buckles and thick brown leather belts. Their belts hung low, sagging and clunking from all of the accessories and weapons to appear intimidating.

This is the exact opposite of an EDC belt. They used them in the same way they are used now, except more for showing off their firearms and weapons than for concealing. Do not use this stereotype for inspiration, as gun belts are meant to hide your gun!

Do gun belts make a difference?

This depends on your intended purpose. If you are looking to apply for, or already have, a permit for concealed carrying, then a gun belt is essential as it is the most ideal form of carrying guns and accessories without them being seen.

The strong material is made for a holster to prevent a gun-shaped print in your pants as you move. They are adaptable and useful, designed for quick fire if necessary. This means they are also useful on a shooting range or for training, as it means less equipment to be carried.

They safely and securely carry firearms whilst remaining on your being, providing a confidence-assuring must-have. Gun belts are small investments that make firearm ownership and control much easier. 

What is better, nylon or leather?

This depends on personal preference! Both materials are effective for gun belts and have their own personal pros and cons. Nylon is generally a more affordable and flexible material than leather, which often has a steel core to prevent rolling.

Leather is more durable in terms of style and lifespan, which is usually better value for money than having to replace a nylon belt. It is best to try both, perhaps in a gun store, to see which material suits your needs.

However, both are designed for holding heavy items such as equipment and guns without rolling over or sagging the material, so either is a worthy purchase. If you find yourself mostly wearing a suit for work, a leather belt may be of more use for you.

On the other hand, if you are not likely to wear a gun belt to work, a nylon belt is good for casual use. This depends on what you are more likely to wear more often.  

What makes a good gun belt?

This comes down to durability, resilience, and comfortability. A regular belt is designed for holding up pants, not a gun, so investing in a specific gun belt is essential.

This is because they are designed to hold firearms as well as other equipment such as flashlights or ammunition without tearing, sagging, or rolling the material.

They have to be heavy-duty and durable for any type of movement, whether that is training purposes or everyday use, for a long extended period of time. The buckle is an important part of a good gun belt too, though this comes down to personal preference as the quick-release buckles act differently to regular buckles.

Due to the nature of everyday carry belts, they are designed to be concealable and resilient enough to withstand any situation, which means the comfort is paramount. Fortunately, both nylon and leather belts are made for wearability and flexibility in mind.