Best Pistol Red Dot Sights

When it comes to shooting, accuracy is everything, isn’t it? 

No-one wants to miss a shot and be mercilessly mocked for the rest of the hunting trip. Nor do you want the disappointment of returning home empty-handed. 

If you are always looking for a way to improve your hunting game, you should consider a red dot sight for your pistol. A red dot sight will allow you to see a target and better aim your gun to get that perfect shot.

Finding the best pistol red dot sights, whether you are replacing one, or looking to make your first purchase, can be challenging. There are so many on the market, and with such a price range, the best red dot sight can seem out of reach. 

But before you descend into panic, stay here because we have got you covered! Keep reading to see our best picks for pistol red dot sights, a helpful buyer’s guide to show you what to look out for, and an FAQ section to answer all your questions. 

In a hurry? Check out our top pick to grab your dots and dash!


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For those after an excellent quality red dot sight, Trijicon has a perfect option for you! Their LED red dot sight provides outstanding clarity with an easy to spot red dot that will make hunting a breeze. 

Although it is an expensive option, the lightweight aluminum casing makes it an extremely durable red dot sight! Some users even refer to it as “nearly bomb-proof!” If that isn’t durable, then what is?

You get a fantastic auto-adjust brightness setting with this red dot sight, too, so all you have to do is look and shoot!

The buttons are straightforward to use and can be handled without removing your sight so you can adjust as you hunt.

The dimming feature is excellent, too, allowing you to tailor the brightness when needed, although you will struggle to be faster than the auto-adjust settings! 

The LED red dot sight has a fantastic battery life, too, with many customers getting four years of battery life from it!

The reticle features a red dot during day and night that is always visible to see; no longer can you only shoot in the day with this option!

Customers were thrilled with this red dot sight, especially the fantastic range and clear view! If you have the budget, call your search off, for you have found your next red dot sight! 


  • LED illuminated 
  • Lightweight aluminum casing 
  • Day and night red reticle color
  • Easy to use buttons are user friendly
  • Auto-adjust settings for brightness


  • Expensive

More time to browse? Check out our other great recommendations below!


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After an incredibly accurate and lightweight red dot sight? Look no further than this one from Burris! 

The FastFire III boasts pinpoint accuracy thanks to its clear red dot at the point of impact; you will never miss a shot again!

The sight has a windage adjustment of 86 MOA, making this an excellent option for rifles or short-range shooting.

It will work on almost all optic ready handguns, making it an ideal choice for competitive shooters.

The red dot sight is lightweight and features a shockproof design; you won’t have to worry about this reticle getting damaged in the field!

Burris’ red dot sight is designed to last for years, guaranteeing excellent value for your money. 

You have the choice of an automatic brightness sensor or three brightness settings.

The lack of brightness settings does let the red dot sight down, but thankfully it has a whole host of other great features! 

The waterproof roof keeps the glass of your sight clean so you can shoot no matter the weather!

The accuracy of this red dot sight is unparalleled on the market; you will be the envy of your friends with this addition to your pistol!

The red dot sight is easy to install and is easy to use; in no time at all, you will be ready to head out and test your new purchase out!

There is also a lifetime warranty, so you can rest easy knowing you are covered should anything happen. 

Customers were impressed with this red dot sight’s quality and sight and how well it lasted. If it is a durable and lightweight red dot sight you are after, check out today with the Burris FireFast III! 


  • Amazing accuracy 
  • Lightweight optics 
  • Shockproof and durable design 
  • Extremely versatile 
  • Great for rifles or short-range shooters


  • It does not have as many brightness levels as others available. 


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Vortex’s venom red dot sight is a fantastic option for those after a reasonably priced red dot sight!

The black, red dot sight comes as either a 3 MOA or 6 MOA and is made from super lightweight and durable aluminum. 

The red dot sight allows for rapid target acquisition while maintaining a precise point of aim. The fully multi-coated lenses offer a clean and wide field of view that will enhance your shooting experience. 

The power and dot intensity controls are located on the left side of the sight and are easy to use while using the dot sight.

The battery pack is also located at the top of the unit, so you can change the battery without removing your sight. 

The Venom offers ten brightness levels, including an auto-brightness mode that uses an ambient light sensor to control dot intensity if the shooter prefers.

It is also parallax free and features windage and elevation adjustments, which make sighting in a breeze! 

The red dot sight will fit perfectly on a rifle or shotgun, providing you with flexibility when it comes to shooting.

What’s excellent about Venom’s dot sight is the O-ring seal, which prevents moisture, dust, and debris from entering the system, ensuring reliable performance no matter the environment. 

Customers loved the customer service Vortex offered, and the lifetime warranty should anything go wrong! They enjoyed the auto-brightness feature and found the intensity of the red dot to be great!

Some customers did find the red dot fuzzy or inconsistent, but this was only a small group of individuals. 

Overall, customers found the quality to be unparalleled, considering this red dot sight’s reasonable price tag. If you are after an easy to use red dot sight, Venom’s one should be in your basket, now! 


  • Fully multi-coated lenses offer a clean and wide field of view. 
  • Auto brightness mode is excellent to control dot intensity. 
  • Can sight in easily.
  • O-ring seals prevent moisture, dust, and debris from penetrating. 
  • It is made with durable and lightweight aluminum.


  • Some customers found the red dot fuzzy at times. 


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Holosun’s red dot sight is a fantastic option for those after an insane battery life!

The LED-powered device boasts an impressive 50,000 hours of battery life, paired up with advanced technology to take your shooting game to the next level! 

The red dot sight uses Holosuns super LED to deliver the insane battery life and features 12 brightness settings, including dim settings that work brilliantly with nighttime vision devices! You will never be a slave to the daylight again with Holosun’s unit! 

The parallax-free optical design and unlimited eye relief create a viewing experience like no other! The red dot sight also features shake awake technology, which is a great addition!

The technology shuts off the LED during motionless periods to help save battery life. You can adjust the time it takes for the LED to enter this sleep mode, and it can be deactivated should you wish. 

The red dot sight also has a Solar Failsafe feature, an automatic brightness adjustment for when you are under the sun. This will adjust when you move indoors or to a shaded area. 

The unit comes with the red dot sight, coin battery, a T10 L Key, Picatinny mount, lens cloth, and user manual, so you are raring to go as soon as your delivery arrives!

Setting the red dot sight up is quick and easy, too, although some customers had trouble setting it up on their RMR and needed to make additional holes. 

Customers were impressed by the battery life and quality of this red dot sight. In particular, they found the awake shake feature a firm favorite for guaranteeing extended battery life. They found them easy to see through, especially in sunlight, thanks to the Solar Failsafe feature. 

Holosun’s red dot sight is an excellent option to consider if you never want to run out of battery again! 


  • Up to 50,000 hours of battery life 
  • 12 brightness settings that can be used in day or night time 
  • LED technology for enhanced brightness 
  • Shake awake feature will save battery life 
  • Automatic brightness feature is excellent in the sun


  • Some customers found the fittings unsuitable for their RMR’s. 


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For those with a larger budget after an incredibly durable red dot sight, Leupold’s DeltaPoint Pro is the one for you! 

The Pro features reflex sight and a 2.5 MOA Dot reticle (available in Dark Earth or matte color). The military-grade lenses are scratch-resistant, providing you with extended use of this red dot sight. You can use this without worrying about scratches dampening your vision. 

The Twilight Max Red Dot System boasts true-to-life color consistency that will enhance your shooting ability tenfold.

Teamed with the premium edge-to-edge lens clarity, you will forget you are using a lens to see through!

Adjusting the dot’s brightness is quick and easy to do, too, with customers praising the medium setting for working both day and night. 

The unit is housed in aircraft-grade aluminum, providing a lightweight and incredibly durable unit that can withstand any knocks and bashes you may encounter in the field.

What’s great about this red dot sight is that it disperses recoil energy to deliver a durability level that is rarely seen on the market. The red dot sight will stand the test of time. 

The battery is stored at the top of the unit, so you won’t need to dismount to change it or power it. Instead, you can leave it on your pistol at all times! 

Customers were thrilled with the extremely high-quality red dot sight, finding it incredibly easy to install onto Glocks and rifles. In particular, the durability stood out for customers, with many citing its ability to hold zero even after being dropped a few times! 

If you have a larger budget and refuse to compromise on quality and durability, Leupold’s DeltaPoint Pro is the one for you! 


  • Lightweight and durable aluminum casing 
  • Edge-to-edge lens clarity 
  • Scratch-resistant lenses 
  • True-to-life color consistency 
  • Simple and easy to install


  • Expensive 

Best Pistol Red Dot Sights Buying Guide

Not sure what you should be looking for? Let our buyer’s guide show you the way! 


The positioning of your battery is an essential factor to consider when purchasing your red dot sight. Top loading batteries are popular these days and are designed to work with modern pistols, offering you the ability to change the battery without removing the optic, allowing for a quick battery change. 

Some of these optics will cover that you need a tool to remove to charge the battery or a sliding tray that can be pulled out and pushed in to charge the battery. Either of these choices works well, although you will need to remember to pack a tool with the first option if you need to change batteries when you are out. 

Bottom loaded batteries mean you need to remove the optic, replace the batteries, and then reattach the optic. This can add time to the changing process and ensure that the zero is still present when you reattach the optic. 

Size matters

It is not just the optic size, but the size of your red dot is a vital factor to consider! Red dot reticles are measured in a minute of angle or MOA.

The larger the dot, the easier your eyes will pick up on the dot and shoot your shot. However, you still want the dot to be small enough that you can even see a great deal of your target. It can be a balancing act to find the right size. 

Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all solution to dot size, as you also need to consider how you intend to use your pistol and the distance you plan to shoot from. Knowing these considerations will help you choose the appropriate dot size. 

As a general rule, 3-MOA is an excellent dot for those wanting to hit tiny targets, whereas a 6-MOA is an ideal size for those wishing to hit larger targets quickly. 

Optic Size

In terms of the size of the optic, this will depend on the size of the handgun.

There are a couple of different options on the market, allowing you to either have a small and compact optic or a larger red dot sight sitting on your pistol. 


Compact red dots are some of the smallest rounded red dots on the market. They boast a wider field of view and longer battery life; we are talking years of battery life with these bad boys. 

These red dots will have milled slides or dovetail sight replacements to fit these optics onto your pistol. They are more common on pistols with integrated Picatinny rails or ALG 6 mounts. 


Standard or full-size red dots are traditionally used for long guns and are not often used on pistols. If used on firearms, it will be guns with integral rails or ALG style mounts as these optics can be too large to mount slides. 

The size choice is ultimately yours, but those after a lightweight and easy to use red dot sight should consider the miniature or compact-sized options. 


As you will have seen from our selection, a lot of red dot sights offer adjustable brightness. Usually, these come with two means to do this, manually or automatic adjustment. 

You can get an optic that will use a mixture of the two systems, offering you the opportunity to switch between them as you see fit. Automatic adjustments tend to be quick and efficient, but we think you can’t beat a manual mode for reliability and rapid target shooting. 

Added extras

You want to be sure you are getting your money’s worth, so it is always worth looking for some extra features on your red dot sight. 

Red dot sights that are waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof will provide incredible durability and allow you to shoot in all weathers. Generally, you will get at least one of these features with your optic, so be sure to read the descriptions to make sure you are getting the best optic! 

A range of brightness settings will enhance your ability to shoot in all weathers, too, whether they are manual, automatic, or both! Be sure to look out for unlimited eye relief, which allows for both eye shooting. 

You can get many features, especially if your red dot sight doubles as a rifle scope, as some of our suggestions do! Consider what you want from your red dot sight when searching for your product. 

How much?

The price for red dot sights can be quite varied, leaving you wondering just how much you should be spending. You don’t need to spend a fortune, though, to get a good quality red dot sight, which will consistently perform well. 

Be sure to set a clear budget and try to stick to it as much as possible when purchasing a new red dot sight for your pistol.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are red dot sights accurate?

It’s the question on everyone’s lips. There is no point in investing if a red dot sight is not accurate. You can rejoice, for they are accurate! Depending upon your MOA’s size and the distance you are shooting from, they are one of the most accurate ways to guarantee a perfect shot. 

By being able to adjust the brightness as well, you can ensure an accurate shot. The further the distance can sometimes cause anomalies in the accuracy of a red dot, be sure you are selecting the correct dot size to get that shot no matter the distance!

If you are new to red dot sight shooting, it can be a trial and error case, but before you know it, your shooting game will be top dollar!