Best Scope for AR-10

When it comes to firearms, the right kind of accessories can significantly improve and boost performance in many different ways. The ar10 is a highly popular firearm, and it is without a doubt one of the best long-range rifles available in today’s market.

It can easily shoot at long distances with great accuracy and precision. However, your own accuracy and precision to aim it that far out won’t be as great with just the naked eye (nobody has that good a vision).

That is when choosing the right scope comes into the picture. Especially if you need to ensure good accuracy, for activities such as hunting or shooting competitions, good optics are required.

Matching the right scope with your ar10 is very important, and a good match will mean better all-around performance in your shooting capabilities. 

There are many different scopes available in today’s market that will suit an ar10, ranging across different prices and designs to suit different needs and preferences. Getting a high-quality scope will give you the best shooting results, but they can sometimes be quite expensive.

However, finding good value scopes doesn’t have to be that costly, especially if you do some research and find the best options in the market with the best features to increase the value of the scope and your performance.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of our top five picks for the overall best scopes for ar10, leaving you to choose the one most suited to your needs out of all of them!


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Vortex Optics is one of the best brands when it comes to firearm optics.

Active since 1986, it is a veteran-owned American company that takes great pride in manufacturing high-quality products that are extremely reliable, popular, and recommended.

In fact, you’ll notice that quite a few of the products on our list belong to Vortex Optics because they really are that good.

The Strike Eagle Second Focal Plane Riflescope is designed to execute highly technical short-to-long range shots while offering a continuously high level of performance that upgrades your shooting capabilities.

The fully multi-coated lenses produce crisp and bright images, allowing you to hit your target with ease.

The glass-etched focal plane reticle also gives detailed hold points, while remaining clean on a visual level for optimized viewing. A 6 x zoom range provides you with plenty of shooting scenarios, for highly versatile use.

The streamlined, side parallax knob features built-in illumination that can rotate through eleven different brightness levels, running on a CR2032 battery.

The tactical-style turrets feature well-marked adjustment rotation indicators that help you with more accurate dialing and reference of travel within the optic’s adjustment range.

The Strike Eagle has a 30mm tube, ruggedly built to withstand recoil and impact, as well as being O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged.

It is completely waterproof and fog proof, allowing you to perform at your best even during bad weather conditions.

Overall, it is the ideal choice for you to perform at your best and get the most out of your longer ranged shots!


  • Highly reliable and recommended brand
  • Designed for technical short-to-long range shots - continuous high level of performance
  • Multi-coated lenses - crisp and bright images
  • 6 x zoom range for versatile shooting scenarios
  • Built-in illumination with 11 brightness levels
  • Well-marked adjustment rotation indicators
  • Water-proof and fog-proof


  • Illumination isn’t as bright as expected


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Another option by Vortex Optics (we did warn there were a few), is the Diamondback Second Focal Plane Riflescope.

This is a classic option for hunting, with amazing image quality that allows for your aim to be at its best. It is especially ideal for big game and any other long-range application.

It features a Dead-Hold BDC reticle, which is good for any hunting and for shooting at varying ranges in which estimating the hold-over might be a struggle.

The lenses are fully multi-coated for a crystal clear and excellent image quality, whether it is day or night. The fast focus eyepiece featured also allows you to have a quick and easy reticle focusing.

The turrets are metal on metal, with the ability to zero reset after sight-in. There is also a precision glide erector system in place that ensures accurate tracking and consistency.

The one-piece tube has an anodized finish that makes it shockproof and highly durable. It is also argon purged and O-ring sealed, therefore being completely fog-proof and water-proof.

Overall, this is a great choice, especially for beginners that are just getting into hunting. The excellent image quality and the high-performance provided even in low-light conditions will help you aim with ease no matter the conditions. 


  • Highly reliable and recommended brand
  • Ideal for big game hunting and long-range applications
  • Dead-Hold BDC reticle
  • Multi-coated lenses for excellent image quality
  • Fast focus eyepiece - quick and easy reticle focusing
  • Water-proof and fog-proof


  • There is a bit of distortion at the highest magnification setting


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Okay, this is the last product we’ve picked from Vortex Optics, we promise, but it’s another excellent option and is highly popular amongst Vortex Optics customers, thanks to its incredibly advanced performance.

It is ideal for close to long-range shooting scenarios, adapting well to each circumstance thanks to how versatile it is.

It features laser-etched turrets, ideal for those that dial their turrets to compensate for wind and bullet drop. It also has an adjustable parallax and an RZR zero stop.

The fiber optic rotation indicator makes it really easy for you to keep track of your turret position too. The hold points offered by this scope are highly functional and detailed without becoming cluttered.

It features 10 different intensity levels with off positions between each setting and is amazing at providing you with the optimal viewing.

The extra-low dispersion glass enhances the resolution and the color fidelity significantly, and the XR multi-coated lenses increase the light transmission for a better image. The lenses are completely protected from any scratches, oil, and dirt, thanks to the Armortek coating.

This scope is also O-ring sealed and argon purged, allowing for a fully waterproof and fog-proof performance to the highest of your capabilities.

It is also worth mentioning that it is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, making it highly durable and long-lasting. 


  • Highly reliable and recommended brand
  • Highly versatile - ideal for close and long-range shooting scenarios
  • Laser-etched turrets - ideal for wind compensation and bullet drop
  • 10 different intensity levels for optimal viewing
  • Enhanced image quality
  • Armortek coating, O-ring sealed, and argon purged


  • Is a little to thin at the lowest magnification


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If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option that will still upkeep the levels of high-quality that you are after, we recommend you take a closer look at the UTG 3 Scope (look we finally moved on from Vortex Optics products!)

This scope manages to cover all of the basics to high and reliable quality, while remaining accessible, which makes it ideal for beginners.

The scope features a 30mm tube with multi-emerald-coated lenses for optimized and enhanced light transmission.

It is completely O-ring sealed and nitrogen-filled, making it shock-resistant, water-proof, and fog-proof, meaning you can use it at high-performance even when the weather conditions are absolutely terrible. It has 3 to 12 times magnification, with a 34’-8.4’ field of view at 100 yards.

It also features an innovative EZ-TAP Illumination Enhancing System with red/green dual-color mode and a 36 multi-color mode to accommodate any and all weather and light conditions.

With this scope, no circumstance is going to get in the way of performance.

It also has a low profile illumination control, featuring two soft and ergonomic control buttons that are designed for quick-reaching.

The product includes a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, to offer peace of mind in case anything is faulty or there are any issues. 


  • Budget-friendly option
  • Multi emerald-coated lenses for optimized and enhanced light transmission
  • O-ring sealed and nitrogen-filled - shock-resistant, water-proof, and fog-proof
  • 3 to 12X magnification with EZ-TAP Illumination Enhancing System
  • Limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty included


  • Very heavy - not recommended for hunting


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Although it is last on our list of top picks, the Primary Arms SLX Rifle Scope is an excellent choice that can rival all of the above mentioned in regard to quality and performance.

This scope has a variable 4 to 14X magnification, and it features the ACSS HUD DMR reticle. This reticle combines wind leads, different ranging, BDC, and a MIL-ranging system, to create a highly intuitive design that is very easy to use and especially ideal for beginners.

It features partial red illumination, with five different brightness level settings, powered by a common CR2032 battery, which is pretty standard.

It also features exposed tactical-style turrets with zero reset. Completely waterproof, fog-proof, and shock-resistant, it is ideal for use under any weather circumstances.

The construction is made from 6063 aluminum with a matte black finish that allows for enhanced durability and a long-lasting lifespan.

This is one of the best scopes when it comes to moving targets, which makes it especially ideal for hunting, which is the main activity it has been designed for.

Primary Arms is highly recommended, and it is covered by a 3-year warranty for any defects due to the materials or the workmanship. 


  • Excellent quality and performance
  • 4 to 14X magnification with ACSS HUD DMR reticle
  • Highly intuitive design, ideal for moving targets in hunting
  • Partial red illumination with 5 brightness levels
  • Exposed tactical-style turrets with zero reset
  • Shock-resistant, water-proof, fog-proof, and highly durable
  • 3-year warranty included


  • Very heavy-weight 

Best Scope for AR-10 Buying Guide

When it comes to firearms, having the right accessories can significantly improve performance. This is especially true when it comes to scopes for short to long-range rifles like the ar10 because, although the rifle can aim accurately long-distance, you might not.

Using the right scope will immediately upgrade and boost your performance, helping you hit the target more times than not! The general rule for scopes is that the more expensive they are, the better and more precise.

However, there are plenty of accessible options that are ideal for beginners or for those that don’t want to spend so much money, and the quality doesn’t necessarily drop, you just need to know what features to look out for.

If you’re new to this world, you might struggle with finding a good scope for your ar10, especially with all the options and all of the technical features listed in the product descriptions. Here is a small and simple guide to the main factors to consider when buying a scope for your ar10:


The magnification of your scope is determined by the use you are planning on giving it. What shooting activity are you going to use it with?

If it is mid to long-range hunting, what kind of game are you hunting, and during what time of the day? These are all questions you need to consider as they affect your choice.

The zoom capability of the scope, along with the clarity of the image at higher magnification is a big factor to consider, especially for longer ranges. 

If you are a beginner or want more of an all-rounder option, we recommend you go for a versatile magnification option. 

Focal Planes and Reticles

You can choose between a first or second focal plane when it comes to scopes, and what you go for depends on the use you are wanting to give your ar10 and personal preference.

In the first focal plane, the reticle increases in size as the magnification increases. In a second focal plane, on the other hand, the reticle remains the same despite the changes in magnification. 

As for the reticles, the more variety the better. If you’re planning on hunting in low-light conditions, we recommend you look for illuminated reticles. 

Clarity and Image Quality:

If you can’t see through the scope properly, your aim isn’t going to be as good, that’s pretty obvious, right? That is why you should definitely look out for superior image quality and clarity.

Glass-etched reticles tend to be a lot more superior, so we recommend looking for them if possible.

You should also ensure that the reticles are well-protected against weather conditions, so that image and performance aren’t affected. Make sure the reticle is sealed and nitrogen-filled so that it is fog-proof and water-proof. 

Construction and Durability:

A good scope should be able to last quite a long time while remaining at top operating quality to enhance your performance during continuous use.

It is important that the scope is sturdy and durable, preferably shock-resistant too. However, beware of getting a scope that is too heavy, as it will be less easy to manage and might even hinder your shooting performance in certain situations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What distance is a 10X scope good for?

The standard 10X scope is, generally speaking, the ideal magnification for a target at medium to long-range.

The distance it is best suited for is 250 to 1000 yards. You should note that when shooting at a lower distance than the one indicated as ideal, the 10X scope is more of a disadvantage, as the range of view is decreased.

Is vortex a good brand?

If you are referring to the brand Vortex Optics, then the answer is a straightforward yes. Brands and different products are also affected by personal preferences and needs, of course, so there isn’t a universal brand that is the ultimate best.

But there is no doubt that Vortex manufacturers some of the best scopes for ar10 rifles, and we’ve featured three of those products in the list for our top five picks, which is pretty impressive.